About Us


     Duncan Machine Products, LLC (DMP) was started by Teri and Chris Billings in December 2007 with two pieces of equipment in a shed in their backyard. Teri operated the day to day operations while Chris held a full-time job as a Customer Service Representative for another company and worked weekends machining parts.


     In 2010, DMP moved from the 480 square foot shed on their personal property to the family garage.

     In 2011 DMP hired its first employee and eventually moved to a commercial building of 4000 square feet. By the end of 2012, DMP employed an average of 4 to 6 workers at that location.


     In 2013, Duncan Machine Products, LLC became Duncan Machine Products, Inc. and moved to a large industrial facility with two buildings totaling over 15,000 square feet on 5 acres.


     In  2017, DMP purchased a neighboring property with a 15,000 sq foot industrial building and 10 acres and averaged 35 employees.


     In 2019, DMP added a zinc phosphate coating line and 3D print and scan capability to its manufacturing facility. Currently, DMP has 60+ employees and operates more than seventy pieces of equipment. DMP also expanded its manufacturing space with two new buildings totaling 24,000 square feet in Q4 2019. For a current total of 50,000+ square feet on 15 acres.

Duncan Machine Products, Inc. 

1003 S. 2nd Street

Duncan, OK 73533

(580) 606-6236